Ellsworth Tennis Center

Court Rental

The rates for indoor court rentals during the regular season are:

Early Bird (play completed before 9a) and Off Peak (12p-3:30p)--2-hour sessions for doubles:
 $18 (NM); $9 (M); $0 (E).
Early Bird and Off Peak--1.5-hour sessions $13.50(NM); $7.50(M); $0(E). doubles
Early Bird and Off Peak-1-hour sessions: $9(NM); $5(M); $0(E). doubles

Regular rates--2-hour sessions: $30 (NM);  $12.50 (M); $0(E).doubles
Regular rates-1.5 hour sessions: $22.50(NM); $9(NM); $0(E). doubles
Regular rates-1-hour sessions: $15(NM); $6.25(M); $0(E). doubles

Peak contract time (5-7p):  same as regular with $5 per participant charge unless prepaid for the contract term.

Weekend rates: same as early bird/off-peak rates.

*Discount to rate for early bird/off-peak if contracted for 30-week term + prepaid at start of contract term.